Monday, January 9, 2012

Yellowstone Park Association signed by Colgate Hoyt

Yellowstone Park Association stock, issued to and signed at back by Colgate Hoyt. (1849–1922) He was an American businessman active in the late nineteenth century. He was a director of the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, and one of the founders of Everett, Washington, where a main street is named after him. He was a New York investment banker who was the partner of Joseph L. Colby as Colby, Hoyt. They were active together in the organization and finance of many businesses.

He married Lida Williams Sherman, the daughter of Charles Taylor Sherman and niece of William Tecumseh Sherman. Their daughter, Elizabeth Sherman Hoyt, married the British diplomat Ronald Lindsay in 1924.

Stock. St. Paul, Minnesota.
Condition: Excellent

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