Sunday, May 5, 2013

Frenchman's Bay and Mount Desert Land and Water Company

Mount Desert Island is rich in geological history dating back to approximately 550 million years ago. The earliest formation on the island is the Ellsworth Schist Formation, which was a sea-floor mud deposit created during the Cambrian period by volcanic ash.

Frenchman Samuel de Champlain, who made the first important contribution to the historical record of Mount Desert Island. He led the expedition that landed on Mount Desert on September 5, 1604 and wrote in his journal, "The mountain summits are all bare and rocky..... I name it Isles des Monts Desert."

This Frenchman's Bay and Mount Desert Land and Water Company stock printed by American Bank Note Company, New York. Gorgeous! Choice!
Condition: Excellent

State: Maine
Year: 1892

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