Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maximilian 1864 Mexican Empire Bearer Bond

Maximilian 1864 Mexican Empire £100, 6% Bearer Bond. 

Taking advantage of the American Civil War, Napoleaon III established Archduke Maximillian as Emperor of Mexico and sent French troops including the Foreign Legion to support him against the Mexicans who wanted no part of this imperial power play. The United States was incensed at this threat to the sacred "Monroe Doctrine" and supported the revolutionary government against Maximillian. Napoleaon withdrew his troops leaving Maximillian to a Mexican firing squad. This rare security was part of the financing of the Mexican empire and is printed with an Imperial Coat of Arms. A coupon sheet attached is neatly cut off just prior to Maximillian's fall from power.

There's a lot of intrigue concerning this Central-American adventure including the Confederacy's involvement and all this research comes with this bond. Only a few of these bonds have turned up. This issue is authorized by "Decree of His Majesty, the Emperor Maximillian" and the coupons were payable in Francs and Sterling. Absolutely fascinating history and striking decoration.

Nickname: "Maximilian"

Condition: Excellent

Country: Mexico
Years: 1864

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