Friday, December 17, 2010

More On Collecting Mexican Bonds

There are two types of buyers of Mexican bonds....

The first type want packages of several pieces of paperwork. Their goal is to place the paperwork into some sort of Bank Program. 99%+ of this type of "buyer" never actually buys anything.

The second type are people who want to buy authentic, uncancelled Mexican bonds. We show them the bonds, they wire funds when they are satisfied that the bonds are authentic, we hand them the bonds. This type of buyer is who we are looking for.

Quality Mexican bonds are in great demand at present. If you are the second type of buyer or if you know a buyer, please contact George H. LaBarre Galleries. We are a professional and experienced source of high quality old stocks and bonds. Our fine web site features over 6,000 different stocks and bonds; 20 plus full color catalogs are also available.

For example, here is a Republica Mexicana Bono Del Tesoro bond. The year: 1913; £20, 6% Bond. Printed by American Bank Note Company, New York.

For more information visit our web site,, or call George LaBarre at 1-800-717-9529.

George H. LaBarre Galleries - Collectible Old Stocks and Bonds and Old Stocks and Bonds

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