Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Collectible Mexican Bonds

LaBarre Galleries currently has nearly 100 authentic, quality, Mexican uncancelled bonds. We are not financial people; we are collectible stock and bond dealers. We buy and sell old stocks and bonds as collectibles.  As you might imagine, we have been contacted by literally over 300 people and financial related institutions that have expressed an interest in buying Mexican uncancelled bonds.

Our best Mexican bonds are 6 pieces of the 1904 $1,000. blue Series A, all with 54 coupons. Here is a photo of the Estados Unidos Mexicanos $1,000 Bono del la Deuda del 4% Oro de 1904 bond.

We also have 7 White Doves, one is the £1000 denomination, four are £2000, one is £5000 which is very rare, and lastly our best bond the £20,000 which is extremely rare (sometimes referred to as a double white dove).

For more information visit our web site, http://www.glabarre.com, or call George LaBarre at 1-800-717-9529.

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